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          Distance Learning Dashboard




          Members of the US Chicago cast

          Students in music and performing arts classes haven't slowed down while at home. Here are just a few examples of how teachers have found ways to continue creative work after transitioning to distance learning. 

          Varsity Track and Field meet over Zoom

          Though our community could not be together physically, we found new ways to connect during distance learning. Alums, teachers and parents created virtual spaces for important conversations, wellness and even a few games. 


          Virtual Community Service

          Calhoun is dedicated to providing students with opportunities to be active citizens and make a positive impact. See a list of virtual community service opportunities offering ways for people of all ages to take action from home. 

          Questions? Email Debbie Aronson, Director of Community Service Learning

          Library Resources

          Find the summer reading and resources for students, teachers and parents including reading resources, learning tools, cultural experiences and more.

          Browse Distance Learning Library Resources

          Questions? Email Camilla Yohn-Barr, Calhoun's Assistant Librarian (Maternity Leave Replacement).

          Tech Hotline

          Need tech support?

          Contact Calhoun's tech team at techsupport@calhoun.org or 212-497-6553.

          We encourage anyone in need of support to email if possible, as emails are easier for our system to track. 

          COVID-19 Information

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